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Florian Enescu

Professor of Mathematics, Georgia State University

Office: 1421 25 Park Place
Office phone: 404 413 6442

Email: fenescu at gsu.edu

Mail address:

Department of Mathematics and Statistics
Georgia State University
Atlanta GA 30303 USA

  • Vitae: HTML-abbreviated version; PDF-complete version.

  • Research interests and papers

  • Algebra Seminar

  • Current Classes

  • Research Initiations in Mathematics, Mathematics Education and Statistics (RIMMES) at Georgia State

    Current Ph. D. students: Alex Kowalewski, Emily Twardy, Li Wang.
    Current M.S. students: Li Wang.

    Former Ph.D. students:
    Alan Dills (2021), Assistant Professor of Mathematics, University of North Georgia at Gainesville.
    Irina Ilioaea (2020), Assistant Professor of Mathematics, Louisiana State University in Shreveport.
    Sara Malec (2013), Associate Professor of Mathematics, Hood College.

    Former Masters (M.S.) students: Christopher Zagrodny, Michael Brandon Meredith, Sara Malec, Muslim Baig, Anthony J. Preslicka, Adil Virani, Kevin Slote, Aaron Madewell, Arun Suresh.

  • Mentored reading program at Math Alliance
  • An incursion into algebraic geometry via Grobner bases Fall 2023 (1 student from University of Texas Rio Grande Valley); Spring 2024 (2 students: 1 from Williams College, 1 from North Carolina Central University)

  • Past Conferences
  • Special session on Recent Developments in Commutative Algebra, Southeastern Section, March 18-19 2023, Ga Tech University, Atlanta, GA Special Session on Commutative Algebra, Southeastern Section AMS, April 14-15 2018, Vanderbilt University, Nashville, TN

    Conference on
    Recent developments in positive characteristic methods in commutative algebra: Frobenius Operators and Cartier Algebras, March 13-15 2015

    Joint International Meeting, American Math Society and Romania Math Society:
    Special Session on Commutative Algebra, Alba-Iulia, Romania, June 27-30 2013

    Commutative Algebra in the Southeast:
    Commutative Algebra Conference at Georgia State, February 10-12 2012

  • Math Links

    AMS - American Mathematical Society
    MSRI - Mathematical Sciences Research Institute
    IMAR -Institute of Mathematics of the Romanian Academy
    CommAlg-Center for Commutative Algebra
    UM-University of Michigan, Department of Mathematics
    Utah-University of Utah, Department of Mathematics