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The Department of Mathematics and Statistics announces the nineteenth edition of the program Undergraduate Research Initiations in Mathematics, Mathematics Education and Statistics (for short, RIMMES), open to undergraduate students at Georgia State University.

The program goal is to introduce undergraduate students to research in mathematics, mathematics education and statistics. The program will teach the students how to recognize interesting research problems, develop new ideas, compare them to old ones, and present their findings in papers or posters. The students will benefit from close interaction with faculty members and their peers.

Duration of the program: about five months starting with September 15, 2023 .
Application Form. Please apply by September 8, however late applications will be considered.

Structure: the students accepted to this program will each be paired with a faculty mentor and they will decide together on a research project and how to organize their meetings. The faculty mentor will supervise the student and make sure that appropriate progress is made. The student will prepare a final project report in April 2024.

Current Participants: October 2023 - May 2024

Mentor: Dr Florian Enescu, Student: Adedamola Akapo Title: The Gelfand-Kirillov base of the union of the coordinate axes in the 3-space.

Mentor: Dr Jun Kong, Student: Yiting Zhang Title: Computational Tumor Microenvironment Analysis

Mentor: Dr Jun Kong, Student Vishal V Bangrae Title: AI based microscopy image analysis for breast cancer

Mentor: Dr Jun Kong, Student: Ranjini Ghosh Title: Spatial Histology Feature Extraction and Correlation with Neighborhood Index for Cancer Research

Mentor: Dr Jun Kong, Student: Xuyang Sun Title: Whole Slide Image Machine learning for Tumor Micro-Environment Characterization

Mentor: Dr Yi Jiang, Student: Isaac Goodspeed Title: Tissue Stress Inference in Retinal Epithelium.

Mentor: Dr Hui Liu, Student: Edward Abel-Guobadia Title: Analysis of continued fractions.

Mentor: Dr Pejman Sanaei, Students: Priyanka Joseph, Kulsum Saber, Sai Kunnatha Title: A simplified mathematical model for erosion and deposition in a porous medium.

Mentor: Dr Pejman Sanaei, Students: Mona James, Ashok Joseph, Paul Joseph, Sai Kunnatha, Amy María Sims Title: A simplified mathematical model for cell proliferation in a tissue engineering scaffold.

Mentor: Dr Pejman Sanaei, Student: Ward Genoway Title: A deep learning and data-driven process approach for synchronization in the Morris-Lecar model.

Mentor: Dr Yongwei Yao, Student: Bryan Vazquez Title: Sufficient conditions for irreducible polynomials over integers.

Mentor: Dr Yichuan Zhao, Student: Haobo Cui Title: Heart Disease Prediction

Mentor: Dr Yichuan Zhao, Student: Zikai Huang Title: Comparison of cox regression to machine learning for survival probability predictions of heart disease patients"

Mentor: Dr Yichuan Zhao, Student: Lanlan Qin Title: Statistical Tests of Average Yearly Temperature in the United States of 2020 Compared to 2021.

Mentor: Dr Yichuan Zhao, Student: Zheyi Tao Title: Mobile phone use and Mortality of Head Cancer in China.

Mentor: Dr Yichuan Zhao, Studennt: Haochen Ye Title: Statistical Analysis of Risk Factors, Prevalence and Trends in Cardiovascular Diseases.

News from the 2022-2023 Edition:
The following students have completed succesfully the RIMMES program: N. Anteau, D. Demin, M. Drotenko, P. Ilic, L. Mei, A. Nimbalkar, M. Quiros, A. Ramacharran, A. Samandari, B, Vazquez, S. Yellu, Y. Zhang, Z. Zhang. Congratulations to them and their mentors: Drs. Arav, Belykh, Enescu, Montiel, van der Holst, Ye, Yi Zhao, Yichuan Zhao.

News from the 2021-2022 Edition:
Dr Yi Zhao and his RIMMES student Abhijeet Bhalkikar have published their research on the RIMMES project from 2021-2022 in a Q1 journal (with impact factor 0.961):
On subgraphs of tripartite graphs, Discrete Mathematics 346 (2023), no. 1, Paper No. 113152