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The Department of Mathematics and Statistics announces the sixteenth edition of the program Undergraduate Research Initiations in Mathematics, Mathematics Education and Statistics (for short, RIMMES), open to undergraduate students at Georgia State University.

The program goal is to introduce undergraduate students to research in mathematics, mathematics education and statistics. The program will teach the students how to recognize interesting research problems, develop new ideas, compare them to old ones, and present their findings in papers or posters. The students will benefit from close interaction with faculty members and their peers.

Duration of the program: about five months starting with October 1, 2020 .
Application Form. Please apply by September 25, however late applications will be considered.

Structure: the students accepted to this program will each be paired with a faculty mentor and they will decide together on a research project and how to organize their meetings. The faculty mentor will supervise the student and make sure that appropriate progress is made. The student will prepare a final project report in April 2021.

The following students have completed successfully in the 2020-2021 edition of the RIMMES program :

-Albert B Wilson "
Euclidean Rhythms and Rhythmic Oddity" Video Presentation, mentor Dr. Mariana Montiel.

The following students have completed successfully in the 2019-2020 edition of the RIMMES program :

-Max Calderon: "Seventh chords using neo-Riemannian analysis and geometric perspectives" Video Presentation, mentor Dr. Mariana Montiel.

Catherine Hume: "Inequality for Vertex Degrees of Hypergraphs", mentor Dr. Yi Zhao

-Jesse Jaramillo: "On the coin exchange problem for 5 coins", mentor Dr Florian Enescu.

-Jovany Louis: "Computer algebra software applications to the Ehrhart polynomials", mentor Dr. Florian Enescu

-Aram Mathivanan: "The restricted partition function for two coins", mentor Dr Florian Enescu

-Jacob Rider: "Frontal plane dynamics of the center of mass during locomotion on a split-belt treadmill"(joint with Dr. Molkov's lab), mentor Dr. Yaroslav Molkov

-Chad Sloan: "Number of independent sets on a graph", mentor Dr. Yi Zhao.

-Sijia Qin and Jiazi Tian: Statistical Analysis of Parkinson Disease", mentor Dr. Yichuan Zhao