Guantao Chen

Academic Advising

Doctors of Philosophy

  • Yuying Ma (2028, expected), Graph Theory

  • Lida Chalangar Jalili Dehkharghani (2028, expected), Graph Theory

  • Alireza Fiuj Laali (2027 expected), Graph Theory

  • Anna Johnson (2026 expected), Graph Theory

  • Guoning Yu (2024 expected), Graph Theory

  • Yanli Hao (2023), Researches on the coloring of multigraphs

  • Nizamettin Tokar (2023), Berge - Fulkerson Conjecture And Mean Subtree Order

  • Xuli Qi (2021), Extensions of Vizing fan and Vizing's theorem in graph edge coloring

  • Yan Cao (2020), A new approach to the overfull conjecture

  • Guangming Jing (co-directed, 2019), Density and chromatic index, and minimum ranks of sign pattern matrices

  • Yang Ping (2016), Spanning Halin Subgraphs Involving Forbidden Subgraphs

  • Amy Yates (2016), Intersection of longest paths and predicting performance in facial recognition

  • Songling Shan (2015), Homeomorphically Irreducible Spanning Trees

  • Nana Li (2014), Union Closed Set Conjecture and Maximum Directed Cut in Connected Digraph

  • Xue Wang (2009), Towards Predicting Protein Calcium-Binding Pockets

  • Hai Deng (2007), Identifying calcium-binding sites and predicting disulfide connectivity


  • Yuan Shi (2021), Size Ramsey numbers involving double stars and brooms

  • Thomas Hippchen (2008), Intersections of longest paths and cycles

  • Kun Zhao (2008), Treatments of Chlamydia Trachomatis and Neisseria Gonorrhoeae

  • Brian Michael Cook (2007), An extension of Ramsey's theorem to multipartite graphs

  • Xin Wei (2007), An optimal solution on screening and treatment of chlamydia trachomatis and neisseria gonorrhoeae

  • Kinnari Patel (2004), Some eigenvalue results for certain matrices associated with graphs

  • Ken Keating (2004), Bar-visibility Graphs

  • Bartholomew Kweku Abban (2003), Re-screening women who test-positive for C. tranchomatics infection: An integer programming to determine numbers of women cured under fixed program budgets

  • Tran Nguyen (2002), Path Spectrum

  • Nhi Vuong (2000), Hamiltonian Graphs